Just call me Kamil. 'alternat0r' is my nickname. Living peaceful in Malaysia. I'm just a normal guy working with local computer security company and not a talkative person if it is not important. Doing pentest, RE, analysis and research & development on daily job and personal. I'm experienced in C/C++, VB Family, .Net, PHP, Reverse Code Engineering of binary file and network penetration test but usually more specific to malware analysis.

This security blog may contains my personal notes, programming, code snippets, analysis, investigations and interesting finds.

Data0.Net History

This website has become a web blog rather than just providing a specific software website developed by my self. Portable Antivirus is one of my oldest project and has been developed during mass virus/worm attack surround southeast Asia around 2003-2004. Due to the lack of time, development progress is pretty slow. The new version has been re-coded from scratch using VB.Net 2012 which is has more advance features and stable. Will announce when it's finished. There is bunch of tools and software I will release it in here in future and probably including source code. This website has been maintained by my self since it was first registered on 5th September 2006 but it is actually exist on the Internet since 2004 hosting with Netfirms and cjb.net last time. I don't spend most of my time to focus on this website, just updating it during my spare time.

NOTE: This web blog is just a piece of note from me. Some of the write up is in English and Malay. Please use Google Translate if you don't understand. By the way, English is not my native language thus my English probably have grammatical error. Feel free to comment.

If you want to know more about me. Feel free to contact.

"Rise Against Malware"

- Kamil Alta - GREM