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Q: When I surf into your website there is a popup says "Malicious Website/Script Detected". Is that true?
A: I assume that you are using an addons/plugins for your web browser to block some website that uses Javascript, VBScript or HTML Frames. Some pages here uses Frames to minimize page work load.

Q: The antivirus software installed on my computer reports that some of the your tools are infected with a virus or trojan. What should I do ?
A: First of all, All the tools in my Web site are clean, and they don't contain any virus or trojan. Unfortunately, Antivirus programs are not perfect, and in many times they detects innocent software as infected with trojan or virus. This problem is known as 'False Positive' or 'False Alert'. If your antivirus software reports that tools you've downloaded from this Web site are infected with a virus or trojan, I highly recommend you to contact your antivirus company and ask them to fix this 'False Positive' problem in the next update of your antivirus software. You can also contact Data0.Net to report about 'False Positive' problems.

Q: I just post a comment on one of your blog but does not appear, why?
A: You need approval from the author before it can be published into the public.

Q: Why I cannot download your software anymore?
A: Well, some of the software is quite old and I have no time to update it. For the anti virus tools, it is currently being upgraded and need to spend some time to finish it. Thank you for your patient.

Q: I sent an email to you but there is no response from you?
A: Sorry for the cause of that. There is hundred of email I received everyday and I read most of it but some time I just don't have time to reply. Please be patient.