Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Malware Analyst’s Cookbook and Website

Just visiting my friend website after long time he never update their blog and I saw he just releasing a new cool books "Malware Analyst's Cookbook" which is suitable for malware analyst to improve and analyze their sample with new or in-depth techniques. There is tons of great information cover all malware analysis things, pentest, tools, honeypots, automation, malicious documents, dynamic analysis, deobfuscating, debugging and a lot more.

Click the following URL to find out more:

These book write up by Micheal Hale Ligh, Steven Adair, Blake Hartstein, and Matthew Richard. Sure going to buy it.


  1. I found your site while searching Google for information about usage of LordPE. I couldn't view the article I wanted, instead I got a "click here to enter" thing. I then used your Google Custom Search and found the article again, but again got the "click here to enter" thing. Basically I'm telling you your site is |CENSORED|. I'm writing this because I'm on a slow system and wasted 30 minutes here. It's really troubling. Why would you do that? Also get rid of the shockwave flash. Also your captcha is offensive, it says 3FUK!

  2. I see you upset about that. Well, apologize for inconvenience. For your information, there is no shockwave (swf) loaded from my pages. Thus, you might need to check your system or browser if any unwanted / unusual plugins installed. For the captcha, there is no offensive word. Its just a random generated word. This blog is about computer security, you should have no problem with all those things. If you think your system is slow then I recommended that you upgrade your system.

    Thank you for your comment.