Monday, November 26, 2012

Twitter Spam Bot 'Seducing' You

Well, not directly seduce you. It will mentioning your name on twitter first. It's almost a week after receiving several Tweet post that suddenly mentioned my nickname on my Twitter account. It is look suspicious when these person is not even following me. The text message also has nothing to do with my interest.

By the time I wrote this blog post, those spammer still actively tweet and randomly mentioning peoples name. Average sending around 20 tweet post per day.

As I post this screenshot it is not only that name keep randomly mentioning people but there is several others spammer using different name but almost the same message produced by their spam 'bot'. Virus Bulletin guys also send some screenshot regarding this twitter spam activity.

Most of spam 'bot' name is starting with prefix 'Caprigalxxx' ('x' could be random alphabet & number). But it could be other name also. Those 'random' account name is really exists and always use seduce picture to attract more people following them.

Here it is another example screenshot. Most of those spammer account always looks like this.

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