Sunday, September 19, 2004

LordPE Deluxe

LordPE Deluxe is one of the greatest tools for making process dump on memory for along time. It was developed by yoda. Here it is what this tools can do:

+ Dump process from memory and save as file.
+ Dump process module
+ Get Basic information about PE header.
+ Rebuild any PE file (realign, wipe relocation, rebuild import table, etc)

Author website can be reach at but it no longer exist I guess. You can try get it from here.


  1. Thanks for visiting here. You can download it from here:

  2. Thanks for visiting here.
    BTW, LordPE file does not contain any viruses. It's probably your antivirus software give a false positive alert. This is happened because LordPE file has been compressed with well known EXE file compressor called y0da crypter. Which is commonly use by virus creator/author to compress their program. It is recommended to you to disable your antivirus first before running it.