Friday, March 20, 2009

Data0.Net Problem?

Well, there was almost 2 weeks already that my domain went down. But this is not affected to all country and area. I was informed that TMNet was trying to do something with undersea cable that connected to the Europe. Data0.Net was currently hosted at Datacenter located in Frankfurt, Germany.

I was reported that a few major domain also affected such as,, and so on.


  1. oooo.patot la xboleh buka. how long will it takes time?

  2. pengguna yang menggunakan streamyx sahaja yang x dapat mengakses Pengguna jaring dan pengguna maxis tiada masalah.
    so marilah kiter ramai2 call 100 melalui talian tetap untuk buat laporan lagi ckp x leh masuk Tm nie kene push sikit. Biler ramai2 komplen baru dier kalut...:P

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