Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You together with Conflicker!

Mmm... I have already monitoring this worm since it it was first version... I think around the end of last year. This worm have some unique technique to spread itself along with their payload. After I discover this worm hiding itself on 'recycler' folder on somebody USB flash drive. On some version this worm cannot be just delete to remove it. It will need special permission in order to remove it completely. But, once its running on your PCs with network. Your network could be clogged because this worm has an abilities to generate about 500 domain name by itself. The worm is not designed by non-professional programming. This 'guy' have a programming skill and the worm was designed to create a huge network clog. Quite interesting to me. 

The complete and detailed analysis can be found from the link below:


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  2. good explenation and good reference. i'll re-post it in my blog n backlink it back :)