Friday, October 2, 2009


Since a few years ago, Malaysia, Indonesia and other south east Asian country have make some mistake that generating communalism or in easy word 'big misunderstanding' whether about culture, political, terrorism or religious. In cyber world also get the impact of this misunderstanding. Indonesian could call Malaysia as 'Malingsia' while Malaysian people could call them as 'Indonesial'.

communalism art

Internet alone we can find so many articles, libel, forum, blog and many more about this issue (Example 1). Wikipedia also has been describe details about Communalism. This will give impact to all Asian country especially between Malaysia and Indonesia. As an example below show you many website from Malaysia has been defaced because of this issue:


Most of this issue produced by local/foreign media making the conflict more complicated and people will think different and negative perception each other by just read or hearing rumors. As I wrote this topic, there was the latest hot issue such as Pendet dance and Island. While the real thing is, there is none of this issue are truth.

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