Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twitter controlled by non-human!

Twitter is one of the most loyalty services once you got so many follower. But what I can see here, most of 'user' are not controlled by human. All goes automatically tweet and the real user not even know what their account twitting for. Twitter Bot is one of commonly use to control their account even to send a malicious command to their C&C BotNet. Some of them may send tweet message around 20-30 message per minutes. As the image shown below, there is 26 'user' generated with random name and obviously controlled by bot and keep following anyone including me.

Non of the listed user name above can be pronounces and all their follower and following user are almost equal to each other no wonder whenever user trying to access their account and twitter will said 'Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets!'. It is not impossible soon twitter could be medium of threat since their API is flexible.

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